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About the Science of Reading Approach

Reading is arguably one of the most important skills we learn in our lives. We read to communicate, learn, and participate in our world. There has been much debate and research around the best practice for teaching reading and there is a science behind investigating which methods are most effective. I have found that teaching reading through systematic, synthetic phonics is superior to the whole language approach.

I am a qualified K-6 teacher and have been teaching children since 2003. I have spent the last 7 years teaching children to read. During this time, I have trialed and explored a number of systematic, synthetic phonics programs and have seen amazing results in the classes I have taught.

My aim in writing this program is to provide quality reading instruction for home schooled children. This course covers all aspects of English, including oral language and communication, vocabulary, phonological awareness, print conventions, phonetic knowledge, reading fluency and comprehension, handwriting, spelling and creating written texts. The storybook component of this program allows children to understand and respond to literature.

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