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Busters Book Reviews

Throne of Glass

by Sarah J. Maas

Review by Eve Lucock

Being an assassin is hard, but when you’re a girl at a young age its even harder. Celaena Sardothien is given a chance to compete in a challenge to see if she can win the role of the Kings personal assassin or to be sent back to hell. As she trains for the challenge she has to go through many struggles, if she doesn’t win, she would be prepared to die rather than face the dark life of the mines. What will happen if she was to fail? Will she live?

Busters Thoughts – My favourite part was…SPIOLER ALERT, DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK!!! When Dorian give Celaena a puppy, I love it when they bring dogs into the stories…

  • Ages 14+

  • Listen Parents – violence, scary scenes, gore, dark magic, fantasy creature, murder, mild coarse language and romance (kissing)

Eve is a home educated student who shares her love of books on her blog

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