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Busters Book Reviews: Old Timers

Eve Lucock

Old Timers

David Darcy

YES, YES, YES! When I heard the Clarence library had another book of David Darcy I wanted to jump up and down. Again, he has provided us with an extraordinary novel, which leads readers back into the day where our elders share their stories. These inspirational accounts will bring you to a world where life wasn’t dependant on technology.

Busters Thoughts – I thought listening to David Darcy’s first book was great but when I heard this story, he just brought his power to another level. Reading this will bring you to the edge of your COUCH!

  • Ages 12+

  • Listen Parents – mature themes, violence and mild coarse language

Eve is a home educated student who loves to read. You can read more of her book reviews over at her blog.

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