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Research continually recommends three areas of focus…




Facts are Facts International and ‘non-metro’ local students are at the highest risk of mental ill-health.

This is mostly due to the massive transitions they face, the stigma that ‘mental health’ carries, the lack of support networks and fear of seeking help.

What Now? Whilst more and more research is being conducted (which is great) there’s not much happening in the terms of what changes to make in the light of it.

Research-informed model We believe it’s not good enough to talk about the problem without also looking for, and implementing, practical solutions. That’s why we take a research-informed, student-centered, preventative approach to student wellbeing.

Out of the Too Hard Basket We’ve made it easy and effortless for you to provide practical, preventative, useful and FUN student wellbeing activities. We do all the heavy lifting – you just bring the students!

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