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Empower families and transform communities

Elevate your parenting journey with Kerre Burley from Creating Functional Families. Gain actionable insights to overcoming your child's negative behaviour and attitudes, navigate conflicts, encourage open communication, promoting a well supportived atmosphere where both parents and children can thrive. In this one hour “ Live" Webinar.

Are you a dedicated parent who has embraced the world of

homeschooling, seeking powerful tools to support your child's

education and personal development?

Consider becoming a fully accredited SleepTalk® Consultant and

unlock a remarkable resource to assist your homeschooling journey.

Harnessing SleepTalk®: Empowering Your Homeschooling


As a homeschooling parent, you recognise the importance of

tailored education and individualised support for your child.

SleepTalk® can be an invaluable addition to your toolkit, offering a

holistic approach to addressing the unique challenges

homeschooling families may encounter.

Addressing Homeschooling Challenges: How SleepTalk® Can

Make a Difference

• Student Anxiety and Stress: Help your child build emotional

resilience. This process can instil positive affirmations and

reduce anxiety, giving your child the confidence to navigate

their homeschooling journey.

• Low Self-Esteem and Confidence: Boost your child's self-

esteem and confidence levels by reinforcing positive self-

beliefs, you can empower them to overcome self-doubt and

excel in their homeschooling endeavours.

• Behavioral Issues: Address behavioral challenges by focusing

on underlying emotional issues through SleepTalk®. Promote

positive behavior patterns and create a harmonious

homeschooling environment.

• Learning Differences: While not a replacement for specialized

education, the SleepTalk® Process can complement other

homeschooling strategies by enhancing your child's self-

perception and confidence in their abilities.

• Communication Challenges: For children with speech or

communication difficulties, SleepTalk® can be a powerful tool

for improving self-expression and confidence in verbal


• Concentration and Focus: Enhance your child's ability to

concentrate and stay focused on their homeschooling tasks,

allowing them to reach their full academic potential.

• Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: Equip your child with

the emotional resilience and intelligence they need to handle

challenges and develop their social skills effectively.

• Overall Well-being: Foster a sense of well-being in your child,

indirectly boosting their ability to learn and thrive in their

homeschooling journey.

Why Become a SleepTalk Consultant for Your Homeschooling


Did you know that homeschooling can lead to remarkable academic

and personal growth for children? According to recent studies,

homeschooled students consistently outperform their peers in

standardised tests, with an average 15-30 percentile point

difference in scores. Furthermore, homeschoolers tend to graduate

at higher rates, often with greater readiness for college and careers.

By embracing the SleepTalk® protocol, you can offer your child a

unique advantage in their homeschooling experience. As a

SleepTalk Consultant, you'll be able to provide comprehensive

guidance and support, creating a positive and enriching learning

environment within your home and the homes of other families.

Join the SleepTalk® Family and make a difference.

By becoming a certified SleepTalk Consultant you have the

opportunity to assist families from around the globe from your very

own home. Empower your own child and other parents to nurture

their potential, and allow their children to thrive.

Take the first step toward becoming an accredited SleepTalk®

Consultant and contact Kerre Burley today on 0478739995 or

organise a 15 minute "Coffee Chat" on https://

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