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Women of the Outback

Sue Williams

Droughts, floods, isolation and horrific accidents, this outback is no place for a lady. Despite that, this is a novel about fourteen inspiring women who are willing to sacrifice everything they have. These tales are heart-breaking and remarkable which will show readers how hard life is in the outback of Australia. As Penguins Books state, “Every word cried out to be read… [a] remarkable book.”

Busters Thoughts – If my dear Eve took us to live in the outback then I don’t know how I would be able to survive. The big scary machines, the hot sun and deadly animals, however, losing my couch to the wild dogs would only stand to give me a heart attack. Please Eve! Don’t send us out there!!!

  • Ages 13+

  • Listen Parents – mild violence, mild injury’s, mild coarse language, mature themes

  • Learning Areas – life on the land, aboriginal studies, agriculture and hardship.

Eve is a home educated student who loves to read. You can read more of her book reviews over at her blog.

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