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Focus on Free: National Geographic

If you have a visual learner, or a child inspired by nature & wildlife, then National Geographic education might just be the resource you've been looking for. Completely free and accessible, the education section of National Geographic's website contains a large curated collection of educational resources, each accompanied & supported by the stunning visuals that National Geographic are renowned for.

The education resources are divided into three main sections:

  1. Professional development for educators

  2. Student experiences, and

  3. Classroom resources.

Professional development includes an educator community as well as online courses you can access to inspire and equip you to teach your children.

Student experiences has three sections. Possibly the most useful for us here in Australia is the Explorer Classroom. There are live sessions you can book into which will allow your students to engage directly with scientists in the field. If the time zone challenges are too hard to navigate, or you missed the perfect session, don't despair! There are hundreds of recorded sessions available to view at your convenience.

Classroom resources contains hundreds of lessons accompanied by images, videos, & printable pdf's for all years of schooling (preK-12) and across subject areas including geography, earth science, biology, physics, religion, social studies, anthropology, conservation, arts & music, engineering, English, chemistry & maths. It is searchable by grade and subject area, helping you to narrow down your choices.

Head on over to National Geographic to start exploring the resources waiting for you.

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