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Youth Council Seeks Members

Ipswich City Council is recruiting a new cohort of Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC) members.

The new IYAC members will comprise young people aged between 13-18 years who come together to have a voice for raising issues and sharing ideas that affect young people.

IYAC aims to:

  • increase civic participation by our youth community

  • develop young people’s knowledge of the issues that affect them at a Federal, State, and Local Government level

  • provide an opportunity to work collaboratively in a team with other young people to affect real change

  • provide a voice for young people about council issues, strategies, and plans establish strong connections with the Ipswich City Council and elected officials

  • extend the leadership potential of young people in Ipswich through collaboratively learning

  • provide an increased understanding of community issues, planning, policy, and decision-making processes to young people.

Download the application form below or visit for more information

Download PDF • 418KB

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