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Four – A Divergent Collection

Book review by Eve Lucock

Veronica Roth

This book is the best novel to start off a series, it has drama, action, romance, adventure and thriller. These are always what a reader wants to read. Years before, Beatrice had made her choice to be a Dauntless. Young Tobias, newly renowned as Four, has discovered secrets that should have stayed hidden. Now he has a target on his head and will he ever have a life without running and hiding?

Busters Thoughts – You know what, I would want to be an Amity because it means peaceful and I like being peaceful.

  • Ages 13+

  • Listen Parents – violence, some scary scenes, coarse language, romance (kissing) and mild mature themes

Eve is a home educated student who shares her love of books on her blog

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1 Comment

Oh, I love this series!! And I'm 44 now...shhhh. Don't tell anyone. I named my son Tobias because of this series and because he is my fourth child :) It just made sense!

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