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Global Learning Festival 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Have you heard of the Global Learning Festival? I stumbled across it in my inbox recently, but when I had a look I was astonished at the sheer number and variety of virtual events on offer. This kind of smorgasbord is a dream come true for a home educator - there really is something for everyone.

The festival runs from 8-11 NOVEMBER 2021, is fully online and is completely free!

The Global Learning Festival seeks to provide unity and connection to communities all over the world.

An Introduction to Mental Health, Self-care and Wellbeing

By participating in free, online learning events on a wide variety of topics, across time zones and languages, you can experience first-hand the benefits that lifelong learning can bring to you.

The festival runs from 8-11 NOVEMBER 2021, is fully online and is completely free!

Maybe you'd like to make a wildlife nesting box, spend a night at the observatory, learn how to live sustainably or develop some stress reduction skills? There are online storytime, lectures on everything from women's suffrage to racism to business skills to financial planning. It is an international event, but there is plenty of Australian content, including a virtual tour of Victoria's Parliament House, Deadly Science - Celebrating Australia's first Scientists,

So why are you still here? Go check out the online program here - or download the pdf below, and book into some amazing events. If you attend any of the events, we'd love to hear about the experience too - leave us a comment and tell us how it went.

GLF 2021 Festival PDF program
Download PDF • 7.18MB

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