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Have your say on draft K to 2 English and Mathematics NSW curriculum

Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

Given that in NSW home educators are required to develop an educational plan based on, and taught in accordance with, the NESA syllabuses, we encourage all NSW home educators to take this opportunity to provide some feedback to the regulatory body. Read on to find out how.

From the NESA newsletter:

"NESA wants hear from teachers, parents and the community about the draft outcomes and content for Kindergarten to Year 2.

The evidence-based draft outcomes for English and Mathematics clearly identify essential learning and the sequence for teaching foundational skills.

Your feedback is important and will help to ensure our youngest students build strong foundations for future learning and success in an exciting and rapidly changing world.

Visit the NESA website to read the consultation materials and have your say:

English K–2

Mathematics K–2

Public consultation is open until 30 April.

This consultation is part of the Government's curriculum reform program, which is streamlining and strengthening the NSW school curriculum over the next four years."

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