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Home Education Registration in QLD

Home Education is a legally recognised option for the education of children in Queensland, recognised and governed by the Education Act 2006. Since 2019 the HEA has met regularly with the HEU - the regulatory body responsible for home education in Queensland. These are valuable discussions, where we advocate on behalf of all home educators, and seek to clarify and improve the way home education regulation is implemented. During these discussions, we have clarified the pathways for registration in Queensland.

There are two possible pathways for home education registration in Queensland: Provisional Registration under section 207, and Registration under section 208. Applicants can choose their pathway - either Provisional and then Registration, or just go straight to Registration (208). In Queensland, applicants are considered to be compliant with their compulsory schooling requirements from the day their application is received by the HEU.

Option 1: Provisional Registration

  1. Apply for provisional registration under section 207 - no need for plan, no required form, and is very simple. You need to inform the HEU in writing: your name, the child's name and date of birth, the child's home address, and provide a birth certificate.

  2. This will result in 60 days automatic provisional registration. The HEA has an optional form you can use to make it even simpler.

  3. Before the end of the 60 days, home educators need to apply for registration under section 208 (same process as below), or enrol in school.

  4. Applications for registration under section 208 will automatically receive registration for the statutory 90 days (in addition to the 60 days provisional already given), or until the application is processed, whichever is sooner.

  5. The advantage of this pathway is that you have more time to work on your plan before submitting it.

  6. The disadvantage is that you do need to apply twice - although the first application is very simple.

Option 2

  1. Apply for registration for homeschooling under section 208. This application needs to be submitted on the HEU form.

  2. The application can be submitted incomplete - for example, it can be submitted without a plan if you are still working on it. Once the application is processed by HEU, they will send a "notice to produce" whatever documentation is missing within 28 days (regardless of where in the 90 days automatic registration the applicant is)

  3. The advantage of this pathway is that only one application is needed.

  4. The disadvantage is that the time for applicants to produce the plan and other documentation can be shorter, potentially not much more than 28 days.

Do you need help getting started with home education? Or support to meet your annual reporting requirements? There's more information for Queenslanders on our QLD page. The HEA Registration Support Team is available to help answer questions you may have in regards to state registration, or offer support if you need. Email .

While we hope you will consider membership with us, the HEA supports Australian home educators regardless of membership.

The HEA also has a phone Helpline with experienced home educators who can assist you with any general home education questions you may have, particularly 'how to get started'. 1300 72 99 91

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