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Home to Mother - Book Review

("The Rabbit Proof Fence")

by Doris Pilkington Garimara

Student book review by Eve Lucock from Buster's Books

Normally in books or in real life characters run away from home but in this thrilling novel three children run to home. Home to Mother is an outstanding true story showing the reality of the stolen generation up against harsh people and the rugged Australian outback. This is a book I promise you will never forget for its pages keep remarkable memories that will get stuck inside of your head.

Hello I am Buster aka ‘Bubsie‘. Thanks a lot Eve, for my brilliant introduction you should have focused more on me and less on the books. Anyway I am so glad you have come to look through our reviews. Unlike most of you, I have a love for listening to people read to me for I am not that good at reading. We hope we can help you in finding your new favourite book or book series.

Busters Thoughts – Walking through the harsh desert where lizards scatter away from me as I wobble along sandy ground. Starvation and thirst get to me making me hallucinate about my Eve and I on my couch snuggling together…

  • Ages 9+

  • Listen Parents – mild violence, mild abuse; this book shouldn’t scare younger children but under 9 may not understand the issues

  • Homeschool curriculum – great text to use with history, geography, aboriginal studies

Eve is a home educated student who loves to read. You can read more of her book reviews over at her blog.

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