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Monkey See Monkey Do

01 Jun 2022 b kinder foundation

You only have to turn on the TV to see why the mental health of our youth is suffering. If our politicians, the leaders of our state and country talk to each other with such contempt and disgust, how can we expect our children to talk nicely to each other?

Reality TV continually broadcasts people manipulating situations, using and abusing each other, all the while talking with disgust to achieve something for their own benefit. With the backstabbing, cast member brawls, and tear-filled confessionals, the majority of reality TV isn’t exactly known for its ethics or for showing kindness to others. Social media platforms portray a false sense of reality and are glamourised by users and influencers. This is having a hugely negative effect on users’ mental health.

So why then are we in a society that chooses to watch these shows and interact with these social media platforms that depict such a bullying culture? To quote Lisa Curry “Be careful who you follow on Instagram. Be careful who you aspire to be. Because not everything is as it seems on social media. The world at the moment is a funny place. Humans are ruining humankind. We need to be kind to people, we need to know that every second person is struggling in some way.”

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