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National Science Week

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Have you been considering homeschooling but have educational FOMO? Are you wondering if it's even possible to learn science at home? This National Science Week, the HEA will be at the EduTech Conference in Melbourne, discussing this exact topic with some of our super STEM partners. Would you like a free ticket to come along and join us?

Then after Edutech, we are holding the Melbourne Learning Adventure Day. The kids activities will be jam-packed with Science!

In the Solar Buddy session we will be building solar lights to gift to children in countries experiencing energy poverty. This is a practical way to inspire your children to discover how technology can overcome social inequity and real world problems.

In the Biochemistry Literacy session we will be building the building blocks of life with our fabulous super-sized molecular model kits under the expert guidance of Dr Daniel Fried. Learn how to assemble flavour molecules, medicines, and the class will work together to assemble a giant plastic polymer molecule! This is a great introduction to chemistry, but also wonderful for more experienced science learners because they will be learning in a unique visual and tactile way.

Click register now for full details and to secure your tickets to the Melbourne Learning Adventure Day.

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