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24 January 2023

With HSC results now released, a TAFE NSW graduate and second-year law student is urging young people to consider the TPC at TAFE NSW if they didn’t get the ATAR they were hoping for.

The Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (or TPC) at TAFE NSW provides students of all ages an alternative to the HSC at school. Graduates gain a recognised Tertiary Entry Score accepted by the University Admissions Centre and can go on to pursue higher education, enter the defense force or pursue further vocational education and training.

According to a report by the National Skills Commission[1], tertiary education and skills development beyond secondary school is becoming increasingly important, with more than nine-in-ten new jobs projected to require post-school qualifications.

TAFE NSW graduate Aila Bjorklund Washbourne from North Tumblegum on the state’s North Coast, completed the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation and is now studying a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing), Bachelor of Laws at Southern Cross University.

“Initially I was just looking for a way of studying outside of the school environment, but the more I looked into the TPC the more I realised how versatile this pathway is; it allows you to gain entry to so many courses,” Mr. Drennan said.

“I had been home schooled until I was 17 and knew I wanted to go to university, so I was looking for a way of studying that would be less of an adjustment than transitioning into the mainstream school environment,” Ms. Bjorklund Washbourne said.

“I was able to complete both my year 10 and year 12 equivalents at TAFE NSW, and with the support of my incredible teachers, gained entry to my dream course at uni.”

Having just completed the first year of her law degree, Aila reflects on her decision to study the TPC: “I think I was a lot better prepared for university than lots of my friends who finished high school. We really focused on the practical skills we’d need for further study, particularly academic writing, and that made my transition to university so much smoother.”

“I had such a great experience with the TPC, that now my younger brother is following in my footsteps. He’s grateful to be accessing learning support with ADHD to put him on the path to achieving his dream too.”

TAFE NSW Career Pathways Teacher Kristie Trudgett said, “The TPC is perfect for anyone who had an incomplete schooling experience or wants to further their tertiary education or employment prospects.”

“The TPC not only gives students practical skills in researching and writing essays, and a recognised ATAR, it gives them increased confidence in their abilities and sets up a strong educational foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives.”

Media contact: Sarah Dibdin, Communications Specialist,

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