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Mother-daughter team Rebecca & Eve have teamed up to provide you with two perspectives on the same book.

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Ollie's Treasure

Lynn Jenkins & Kirrili Lonergan

On first impressions Ollie’s Treasure draws immediately at the senses. The language used is simple and straight forward so there is no mistake in one’s interpretation of the idea’s that the author is presenting. Ollie’s short journey to find his treasure allows the reader to connect through this simplicity of expressions such as ‘ticklishness of the grass’ where you physically begin to feel the phrase and remember similar experiences.

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The best part of this is that the majority of children will have an experience of these things to draw upon. So, by the time Ollie’s treasure hunt ends the reader will understand the hidden message of finding happiness in everyday experiences that bring you joy instead of the endless search for material happiness.

This book also draws out the idea of being present in every moment, an idea that today’s generation, at times, may have to be guided into learning due to the external influences of technology, consumerism and media that bombard them.

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The book is short, easy to read and the teaching notes available with it uses excellent questions to create open discussion for young ones around the relationship between our senses and our wellbeing. The only downfall is that the last part Ollie has his revelation about happiness while he is alone then suddenly his Grandmother is there hugging him so this may not make sense to a young one, where did she come from? Wasn’t he by himself? These questions come to mind during the last two pages which could distract from the message.

Overall, Ollie’s Treasure is a good reminder even to adults that happiness can only ever be found within.

~Parent review by Rebecca Lucock

Ollie’s Treasure

Lynn Jenkins, Kirrili Lonergan

This joyful picture book is such a great novel to read out aloud with the family for it distinguishes a story with profound meaning. I personally love this book not just because of the colourful artistry, but because of the in depth meaning which is displayed throughout. Ollie’s journey was a fun read as he didn’t realise what he was actually doing was the treasure. So many people can relate to this book from young to old, we never look close enough to notice that our happiness is in what we do not what we buy or need. A book like this is what young children need, it can show them that sometimes life doesn’t always give us what we want. When we don’t get what we want we need to remember to enjoy each other more than gifts. I know for sure many children will be looking more for happiness within their surroundings and people they care about after reading this.

~Review by Eve Lucock

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