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Queensland Reporting Samples

The HEU has agreed to consult with the HEA to ensure reporting documentation better reflects the variety of philosophies and learning approaches in the community as well as the needs of diverse learners.

We invite parents to participate in any or all of the following ways: a) Apply to fill one of the parent-representative positions on the working party. (Simply express your interest via email and some questions will be emailed to you.) b) Submit a sample of an alternate reporting format and/or summary of an educational plan. c) Submit an example of demonstrating 'educational progress' that differs from the types presented in the reporting pack.

This is your chance to have a say in improving the current systems and creating more inclusive and user-friendly options for reporting. Applications and submissions can be made to Samantha Bryan at by 24 July. Feel free to share this information with others - all QLD Home Educators are invited to participate regardless of HEA membership.

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Please do share your thoughts and ideas and/or volunteer for this. We want to learn from you, wonderful home education practitioners, and share these thoughts with the HEU.

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