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Queensland Update #1: Non-parent taught subjects

Are you registered for home education in Queensland? Have you included non-parent taught samples in your annual report yet? We are keen to know how it went, if there were any hiccups in the process.

HEAQ has been meeting regularly with the HEU since 2019. During that time, we have had discussions about the importance of home educators being able to include non-parent taught samples in their reporting. The QLD education Act stipulates that parents will ‘provide’ the child's education, which was previously being interpreted as meaning ‘teach’. We were very pleased when the HEU agreed that these words have different meanings, and that it was important for children’s education to accept reporting and samples of work from units or subjects taught by someone other than the parent.

We have also been extremely pleased to note the dramatic fall in Show Cause Notices for non-compliance being issued to QLD Home Educators since we began meeting regularly with the HEU - from 292 (10% of total registrations) in 2019 to just 8 (0.8% of total registrations) in 2020. This is certainly a dramatic improvement!

We will continue to meet with the HEU every term, so if you are having any problems with the registration or reporting processes, please let us know, we can probably help. We also want to celebrate your success - tell about the things that went well too. Leave us a comment, or email


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