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Scientists Creating Science Curricula

RESOURCE REVIEW: Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

By Rebecca Lucock

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is a fascinating course designed to engage the most curious minds. The course is open for all ages and children enter the world through a molecular level breaking down the universe into its most intricate pieces. If your child’s mind loves to see the patterns behind the scenes or ponders the deeper question of biological life than I highly recommend this course for them. As for parents, don’t be shy to play a part in this field of learning for your children even if you have no background in science, you will be intrigued and you will be able to learn so much alongside your children.

My absolute highlight of this program is how it has been created to engage every type of learning style. Whether your children are auditory, visual, reader/writer or kinaesthetic their engagement level will be met.

I describe this course as ‘colourful’ in its approaches.

For me, the ranges of colour that exist in life remind me of the ranges of learning styles we all have. We are not all attracted to purple, some connect more to green or red. That is how this course plays out, Professor Daniel Fried has been able to develop a program that is inclusive of so many learning styles, that in itself, as a home school parent, is a great achievement and that is why this course is so engaging.

During 2020, I noticed my dyslexic 12-year-old seemed to establish a deep connection to the field of science, despite her challenges in reading and writing. We had been using Science by Doing, a wonderful free online Australian curriculum covering science units from year 7 to 10. Although this was hard for her, as there is a lot of reading/writing sections to it and I could tell she was not connecting to structured learning in this way, it did not turn her off science. This particular child seemed to desire more, so onto the HEA website I went - to see what other science programs were on offer that may be able to suit a child that needs a different learning style.

HEA had discounted subscriptions to Dr. Daniel Fried’s Biochemistry Literacy for Kids. We explored his website and watched a couple of the YouTube videos available. My daughter immediately wanted to sign up which I found encouraging, so off we went and we haven’t looked back.

Another bonus of this course is the live sessions with the Professor - each week they complete one optional live session. To watch my child interact online via zoom link up with children from all over the world, ages ranging from 6 to 16 years, expanding upon what they learn in the lessons at a first-year university level, blew my mind.

To sit back and ‘eavesdrop’ on these sessions and see my child enjoying learning in this way is a delight. Whether you come from a natural, classical, eclectic, unschooled or structured background for your home learning environment I highly recommend this course for the inquisitive minds in your household.

In our home we have never seen learning challenges such as dyslexia as something that makes you ‘not’ be able to achieve, we see it as an opportunity to explore learning styles and find one that works for you to achieve your learning desires. I am so grateful for HEA connecting with programs such as Dr. Fried's Biochemistry Literacy for Kids, it has enabled my child to advance her natural learning of our world in a way I never thought possible.

Rebecca Lucock makes her home in rural northern NSW with her husband and two daughters. Rebecca is a long term home educator and HEA volunteer. She was not paid for this review in any way; her opinions are her own. She hopes that by sharing her story with you that you will be equipped and inspired for your own home education journey.


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