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Airwood DIY Drone Kit 4 in 1

4 chassis in the same kit for infinite configurations: With this kit you can build 4 different drones with an extremely modular and flexible configuration.

Ecological, modular and easy to assemble: Build your own DIY drone!

  • Learn the basics of drone operation

  • Wind resistance, air pressure, wind tunnels, RC signals, safe takeoff and landing, how the environment affects the flight and much more.

  • The 4-in-1 kit contains 184 pieces.

  • Each drone is assembled like a 3D puzzle. The different pieces of carpentry fit into a seamless streamlined design and no need for nails or glue.

  • Airwood is equipped with a remote control and two batteries, one for the drone and one for the controller.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Airwood is equipped with advanced stable flight technologies, real-time transmission and even 720P HD camera (optional). Airwood stays perfectly without drift, maintaining both the position and altitude at the exact point you order . You can set distance and height limits to keep your flights within a safe range. If you order him to fly beyond the established limits, the drone will not depart once he reaches them.

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