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The Inheritance Game

(book review)

Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s novel The Inheritance Games follows the story of a seemingly

ordinary seventeen-year-old girl, Avery, when she inherits 48 billion dollars from a man

she doesn’t even know.

One day she’s living in her car, the next, she's one of the richest people in the country and

the only person who knows why is dead. Avery discovers a game in which she is forced to

play in order to find out the family’s dark secrets. The Hawthorne family is outraged by the

fact a girl, with a dead mother and rent to pay, suddenly receives the money and power

they all thought was theirs.

The four Hawthorne grandsons are great game players, a skill their late grandfather has

been fostering all their lives. Nash, Grayson, Jameson and Xander must assist Avery to

discover the answer they all want.

Navigating love and danger, Avery must figure out who is on her side and who might throw

her to the wolves.

I found this book when I was browsing online and for me it's one of those books that draws

you in and then spits you out hours later. It's got intrigue, mystery, plot-twists and

romance and I love how it doesn’t give you the answers straight away. It's well thought out

and leaves you wanting more. I recommend this book for 13 year olds and up.

By Charlotte K. Gibaud

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1 comentario

My 15 year old daughter and I both really enjoyed this book also. The next 2 in the series are also great reads, full of surprises.

Me gusta
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