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Unlock maths learning for every student

We make individualised learning practical by using tools that put administration in the background and bring teaching to the front, where it belongs.

What makes us different? We actually care whether or not students are learning. We focus on growth, not attainment levels. We provide teachers with support, not extra paperwork. We want to reinstate the dream you had when you first walked into the classroom, before it became buried under administration and staff meetings. To make a difference in the lives of your students.

We don’t claim to be a new idea or a magic online solution. In fact, the problems we solve are not new problems. The concept of teaching a student what they’re ready to learn is as old as teaching itself. But that’s exactly why we exist. We want to see every student make progress, from wherever they happen to start from.

The Maths Pathway model is the first and only of its kind and we’re proud to share our love of maths with more than 3,700 teachers and 83,000 students across Australia.

If you share our vision, contact us today.

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