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Unlocking Your Children's Full Potential Part 1 - Kerre Burley

As a homeschooling parent, I know first hand the challenge of providing a comprehensive education that fosters our children's growth and development. While traditional academic subjects are important, there are other modalities and areas that we can focus on to help our children unlock their full potential.

Over the next three newsletters, I would like to explore nine modalities and areas in total that, as homeschooling parents, you can incorporate into their curriculum to promote your children's growth and development.

First, let's talk about the first and foremost modality in my mind, the Goulding Process - SleepTalk® This powerful tool is something that I have personally used to help my child overcome behavioural and emotional issues. It's a very simple process and has been around for almost 50 years. Once learned, a parent can deliver simple statements while their children sleep, which develops positive beliefs and attitudes. (But more about that later.)

Next is laughter. Now before you serious parents poo-poo it, take note, laughter is a wonderful way to help children reduce stress, boost their mood, and improve their overall well-being. And we are not talking about watching funny movies or exhausting your dad jokes. As homeschooling parents, we know that all learning is state-dependent, so bringing some humour and mirth into the classroom, actual learning can be accelerated, attitudes changed, and remembered well after the lesson is over. Laughter can reduce pain, boredom, and many other negative states instantly. So become creative and a little goofy if

you need to.

Mindfulness and meditation are practices that can help children develop emotional intelligence and empathy. Yes, I am sure you have heard this, but have you actually tried it as part of your day? By becoming more aware of their thoughts and feelings, children can improve their ability to regulate their emotions and energy. You can start with just deep breathing, body awareness scans, or simple guided meditations.

If you have children who do not want to sit still, don't think it's not possible. I certainly know my son initially had a resistance to meditation, so I combined it with physical exercise (which I will talk about in our next session.) When we homeschooled, we lived in Vietnam, so we would cycle to the lake or discover new locations early in the morning, then meditate for 5, 10, or 15 minutes depending on how hot it was before returning to the classroom. It did work a treat, and certainly, I noticed he became more settled in the classroom.

There's no doubt homeschooling parents have a unique opportunity to help our children unlock their full potential by incorporating various modalities and areas into our curriculum. Today we have only touched on three, but stay tuned for more to come.

By utilising these modalities, we can help our children develop essential skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

If you would like to hear more, I am presenting a webinar on Monday the 13th of March at 8.00pm - 9.00pm.(AEST) Exclusively for HEA parents, this webinar is going to cover in further detail the many benefits of the Goulding Process - SleepTalk and address other parental concerns, so don't miss it.

Register in advance for this meeting:


The first 20 parents to register will receive a complementary "Positive Parents Poster", absolutely free.

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