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QLD: Tertiary Pathways Exciting Update

Applications for Queensland home-educated students have now opened for 2023, and will close on 10 December 2022.

Offering students a test drive of university.

The Enhanced Studies Program provides students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills by completing one university subject during Year 12.

QLD students who are finishing Year 11 equivalent can apply now for a place in UQ's Enhanced Studies Program for 2023.

Rules, Guidelines and Eligibility requirements can be downloaded here.

“The ESP was very useful, it allowed me to experience the type of assessment involved in a university course. I also enjoyed getting to know how the university worked, which meant I felt more ready to start university after I finished school.”

Joel Addison Calculus & Linear Algebra 1 (MATH1051) Bachelor of Engineering


Key dates on the website indicate a closing date for applications at the end of October, however this is extended until 10 December 2022 for home educated students. Please email the HEAQ Team if you have any questions -

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