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What do kids see when they look in the mirror?

Is it a smiling face, brimming with confidence?

Or do they pick out imagined flaws and feel like they don’t measure up?

These are powerful questions that new HEA Partner, Damon McDonald, has thought deeply about.

As a parent and entrepreneur, who has spoken to hundreds of parents, he knows how frustrating it can be to love your children so much only to find they lack confidence in themselves. This led him to write the book: Iam Awesome, Who Are You? Since then, Damon has dedicated his life as a writer, creator and sought out key note speaker in schools and organisations, to spread his unique message of self-esteem, self-love and confidence. He has adapted the Hero’s Journey for children, to create a simple 12 Step Self-Esteem Blueprint to help kids and their parents get back on track, in a way that is fun and engaging. And Damon knows from personal experience, he says: "Where as Richard Branson’s parents encouraged him to discover what he was capable of, my father was comfortable telling me I wasn’t good enough.” Damon has been able to turn around that negative influence and go on a Hero’s Journey to discover his own passion and purpose, heal the past and dedicate himself to helping kids and parents do the same. I really encourage you to look at his Digital Pack, which includes his gorgeously illustrated, full colour interactive ebook and support materials, such as a Treasure Map of Life!

The Heroes Journey Treasure Map

Damon is giving $10 from every purchase to specific charities that benefit kids - including the HEA! Just select your charity from the drop-down box. So you can help others while helping yourself and those you love.

This is also a perfect present for your own Inner Child or friends and family.

At only $30 the Digital Pack is unbelievable value!!! CLICK HERE! You receive:

  • Flip eBook 144 pages of full colour illustrations

  • Treasure Map of Life PDF as a fun formula for self esteem

  • Colouring Book PDF

There is also an option that includes a beautiful hard cover book in the pack.

And in gratitude for your early support, you also get life-time membership to the Iam Awesome Movement, which will be an online learning portal launching in early 2023.

Damon’s mission is to raise $1 million for children charities with his eBook donation.

So we really invite you to support him on his journey!!

CLICK HERE to purchase and donate.

Or find out more about Damon go to

What will your Hero's Journey be?

Damon will be our guest speaker at the Central Coast Learning Adventure on 4 September. get your tickets today!

Article supplied by Damon McDonald

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