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  • Free inclusions with your membership: email; Microsoft Office 365; and Google Education Suite

  • Discounts on computer hardware

  • Gaming subscriptions

  • Coding subscriptions

  • Information Technology Communication (ICT) workbooks

  • Hobbies and engineering projects

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Start with Purple Mash if you have no experience in beginner coding.

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Coding has never been so easy! 

Learn to code from your browser!

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30% off for HEA Members!

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30% off for HEA Members!

For 2021 access, only....

K-4: $3.50

5-6: $5.25

7-8: $12.60

9-12: $21.00

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HEA has negotiated special education deals on iPad packages, MS Surface and HP Laptops and accessories through its preferred partner, CompNow.


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