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2023 TAFE NSW TVET Courses

The HEA NSW Volunteer Team has been in contact with TAFE NSW about access to 2023 Courses.

The best process for NSW Home Educators to enrol in 2023 TVET courses is:

1. Then, in January 2023 google "TAFE NSW TVET Timetable" to see any updates to courses offered offered to schools – they may or may not run and as a contracted program, home schooled students are only able to access these if there are available spots.

2. Also look into what TAFE NSW is offering as Mainstream courses.

Note: TVET Courses that are full qualifications and are funded under Smart and Skilled will be funded as Smart and Skilled if the Home Schooled student meets the eligibility criteria – however some courses e.g. Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation are not Smart and Skilled so commercial full fee pricing applies.

3. Some TVET Courses are also available as online content under "Launchpad": 20 x virtually delivered courses.

4. Identify programs of interest. If they are...

  1. TVET Course/Launchpad: contact the relevant TVET team to discuss whether the program is proceeding and has space. They can provide a cost for consideration, support the student by requesting a specific offering be created by the Head Teacher (either Smart and Skilled or Commercial depending if the course is available under Smart and Skilled) is created and support the enrolment process with Student Services. - Smart & Skilled TAFE information - Smart & Skilled NESA page - 2021 HEA blog post about Smart & Skilled

  2. Mainstream TAFE Course: proceed to enrol via TAFE NSW standard enrolment processes (for under 17s this will involve a paper based enrolment form).

TVET Contacts:


Northern NSW

Southern NSW


TAFE Digital

Western NSW

Western Sydney

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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