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Encounter Edu

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Did you know that the HEA website has a list of free educational resources? And still more on our Pinterest page? Do you have a favourite free resource that you use in your homeschool? Write in and share why you love it!

Encounter Edu is an NFP that designs and delivers sponsored STEM and global learning programs transforming education - that means it's free to educators, parents & students! The website contains an amazing array of resources designed to build young people's empathy for and literacy of issues from ocean health to climate change, and artificial intelligence to refugees will not only spark their curiosity but also trigger their engagement on the topics. There are also live streamed events, which you can also watch later which is a very handy feature since they are streamed on UK times! If you are looking to include environmental science or global citizenship in your home education, make sure you check out

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