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Who's tracking and using children's data when online? A new resource for parents

What happens when your child downloads an app?

How much of your child's personal information is requested?

How much data is actually collected and transferred to others?

And what do those others do with it?

The Australian Council on Children and the Media has developed a unique new resource for parents.

Introducing: Apps can track: privacy tips and checks

We all know that marketers are collecting users' data when they're online.

Some apps popular with children also hand over children's data - and this can be up to 5 or more advertising-linked companies.

ACCM, in partnership with the US-based AppCensus group, has developed a privacy check that shows which Android apps may be risky, and each month checks the current 50 most popular children's apps. The checks can be a bit tricky to interpret so it's best to start with the Privacy Checks guide. And then the lists of checked apps can be searched here.

ACCM, in partnership with Macquarie University, has also developed privacy tips for parents which include short videos like and a range of other resources.

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