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Notice of 2013 AGM

Notice of AGM - March 12th 2013 - 7:30pm EST (daylight savings)

Nominations for committee positions are open.

Meetings are held via phone using teleconferencing. We would love to have a strong gathering and if you wish to attend please contact Tamara via for the meeting log-in details.

HEA CBA Bank Account Closing

If you have us set up in your direct debit, please check that you are using the new ANZ account.

ANZ Bank
Home Education Association Incorporated
BSB - 012708
ACCOUNT - 263875482

Build Your Homeschool Group

The most common request the HEA recieves is from families searching for fellow homeschoolers in their local area. We do our best to put them in touch with individuals & groups located as close as possible but there are still some very large areas across Australia which lack HEA registered supports. The HEA currently has 133 local support contacts which is tiny when compared to the numbers of home educators in Australia.

Our committee would like to grow the number of local contacts and it is NOT necessary for that contact to be a HEA member.

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Can You Help Our Help Line?

Can You Help Our Help Line?

Last year we received hundreds of calls to the help line and our volunteers did a great job at dealing with all sorts of enquiries. The calls are very DIVERSE! Anything from; "Is home education legal?" to "Where do I access dyslexia resources?"

Calls to the HEA Help Line increase every year so we need to build our volunteer numbers to keep the workload light.

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