Homeschooling and UnSchooling on the Rise

It’s not just fundamentalist Christians and hippies anymore… Meet some of the growing number of Aussie families home-schooling and ‘unschooling’ their kids. ...

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Schools Out - compass 2017 ep14

It’s estimated more than 50,000 Australian kids are not going to school, not because they are playing truant, but because their parents have chosen to home school them. So who are these families, why have they chosen to home-school and what do the students get out of staying home? We meet three families who have decided to go their own way.

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Children with Disabilities & Additional Needs

Working with home educated children and young people with disability and additional needs.

It is important when dealing with educational regulatory bodies to know the rights of children and young people with disability and additional  needs in order  to adequately and fairly  provide optimal educational opportunities  for these students. With this in mind the HEA has produced a statement to inform both the home education community and the relevant educational  regulatory bodies working with them. This statement outlines  the responsibilities of educational  regulatory bodies and assigned persons and can be  applied to any educational regulatory body within Australia. If you would like to use this statement or would like more information please contact the HEA. 


EGM on June 20, 2016

On 20 June 2016 there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting before our regular monthly meeting. This EGM will be held at 8pm Sydney time via teleconference. 

The reason for the EGM is to go over some of our financial reports which were not finalised when we had our Annual General Meeting in March. The reports have progressed enough for us to hear them and put them into our official Meeting Minutes.

If you would like to attend either the EGM or the June HEA Committee meeting you are very welcome to. All HEA members can join in the monthly meetings by contacting the Committee ahead of time so we can give you the dial-in information and codes. Please email by June 20th, 4pm if you would like to attend.

BOSTES review of the Homeschooling Information Package

BoSTES NSW Consultation Brief - Review of the Homeschooling Information Package

In the coming weeks, BoSTES will consult with NSW home educators in relation to the Registration for Home Schooling in NSW – Information Package. This process includes meetings held in various locations in NSW as well as an online survey. 

The Information Package (IP) is a guide to what BoSTES currently considers acceptable for registration, basically the 'rules' of registration. In 2013, the IP was changed dramatically, resulting in many home educators (even the very experienced) reporting difficulty with the registration process. Since 2013, HEA has recommended that all home educators have a support person to assist them with registration. This is not ideal and not always possible. The new IP ideally would be a document that clearly explains the registration process, acknowledges the variety of learning and education styles of home educating families and creates a balance between compliance and support. This consultation process is our chance to have a say in shaping the new IP to suit the unique needs of home educators, needs which are quite different to school-based education. HEA has collated some points to consider for consultation meetings and in the online survey. This is by no means an exhaustive list but rather reflects the common complaints that HEA has heard in the past few years since the 2013 IP has been in use.  (read more....)

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