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Discounts on highschool curriculum programs for HEA Members

The HEA is pleased to partner with so many great educational providers.


On this page you will find programs that cover secondary studies.


Multi-Subject MINECRAFT

Language Arts * Science * Math *History & Culture  *Computer Science * Art & Design

Only $9.00 per HEA student!

Search for Resources Ages 13-18

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Improve students' literacy skills

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Normally only available for Schools!

Years: 7-10

Improve students' literacy skills



Secondary: Years 7 to 12

Over 30 filmed performances

Free with your HEA Membership


Artventure - for kids

35% off either or both programs.

Artventure - for teenage


Art Classes

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Giving students (and their teachers) confidence in grammar and literacy.

$8.15/Family (annual subscription)

Normally $22/child

Ages 8-18

Ten Modules/Stages

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Normally an $80/annual subscription, Newsademic is included FREE with your HEA Membership!

Newsademic is a fortnightly (every other week) international newspaper (26 issues per year) written and edited in an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand style. Used by teachers, English language tutors, schools, families, students and public libraries in over 100 countries, it is accompanied by two sets of worksheets or activities, plus the answer keys and a two-year searchable archive.

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Cambridge - HOTmaths

Foundation to Year 10

$28/student - HEA is able to get this school price rather than the usual $79.95 home price.

Good Science HEA

Good Science

Years 7-10

50% off PDFs and 20% off Workbooks

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STILE - Cosmos

Years 7-10


Usually only available to schools.

Confident spellers make confident writers and readers.

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