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10 Ways to Learn About Waste Reduction

Are you feeling inspired to join in Clean up Australia Day, and looking to extend the learning opportunities as we prepare the next generation to care for our beautiful planet? Over the years we have completed a couple of unit studies based on waste management. Sounds unlikely I know, but it was actually quite fun and we covered parts of science, art, HSIE and English.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Book a tour at your local waste management facility. Most waste management centres run both community tours and educational tours. We have done both of these over the years, and each as incredibly valuable.

  2. Build a worm farm.

  3. Get composting - build a compost bin and reduce your houeshold waste

  4. Use recycled materials for art and craft projects. Google "TP crafts" to get you started!

  5. Check out some free lesson plans, such as these from Clean Up Australia – Primary Curriculum

  6. Play some games. We had a board game called "The Green Game", but there are loads of online games too. Check out Dumptown Game, Stuff at home, Recycle Round Up or google your own games. Leave us a comment if you find one your kids really love!

  7. Write about your family's experience of participating in Clean Up Australia Day. You can publish your work on the HEA Student Gallery.

  8. Jump onto YouTube and check out how to turn a bottle into a jumper and other amazing feats of recycling

  9. Check out this amazing list of educational resources at Sustainable Schools NSW

  10. Conduct a waste audit using this tool from Sustainability Victoria

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