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It's Almost Time...

300 Home Educated students across Australia are going to be illuminating futures by assembling portable solar powered lights to give the gift of light to children living in energy poverty.

Solar buddy kits are on their way to our local organisers, scheduled for delivery by February 5th! If you are in an area where we need to post the lights to you, it'll be a bit longer. We have groups from the south in Tassie, all the way to Far North QLD, west to WA and everywhere in between - even Alice Springs!

Make sure you are ready!

  1. Remember to donate

  2. Access the teaching resources to use in your home education in the lead up to the event

  3. Local organisers - organise to get the kits to the participants on your list. Consider holding a Solar Buddy event.

  4. Book in for your free webinar. It's best to do the webinar close to the day you are going to build your lights - that's why we're running it twice.

  5. Build the lights - take a photo to share with us!

  6. Return the lights to your local organiser ASAP

  7. Lights go back to Solar Buddy to start their journey to the recipient child.

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