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Home Educators Needed - Research on Reading Project

My name is Krystal Cathcart and I am a university student at USQ. I am also a member of HEA and have a home educated my children for the past four years. I am currently doing a research project collecting information about how children learn to read when homeschooling. This will be a positive project aimed to share the varied and wonderful ways that families home educate.

This project and the data collected for this study could be really important. I can see how the project has the potential to influence both the home education literature as well as the literacy literature, which is always at war with itself. The findings should be very informative about literacy learning and what it means to be a literate subject. I think it would be great to support this project. - Dr Rebecca English

My project has two phases.

The first phase is an online survey to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. The second phase is ten qualitative interviews using a purposeful sample to show a breadth of approaches to home education and reading.

The online Reading in Home Education Survey is composed of three key components: parental beliefs about reading (truncated version of DeBaryshe & Binder's 1994 PRBI), home education reading practices and demographic information. My ethics approval number is H21REA240 and was approved on 10/11/2021

The Participant Information Sheet for the survey is embedded in the survey instrument.

I aim for this to be a positive project that illuminates the varied ways that parents home education (specifically focused on learning to read) and why they make these choices.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the survey today.

Krystal Cathcart University of Southern Queensland Email:

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