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Research Opportunity: Textbites

TEXTBITES is a text message healthy lifestyle program for young people aged 13-18 years. I am seeking support to recruit participants. Participating in a research study aligns with many aspects of the curriculum and can be used a learning tool.

The aim of TEXTBITES is to support improvements to their eating, physical activity, mental wellbeing and general behaviours. Young people also have the option to communicate with a health counsellor to receive more support. The study runs for 12-months with the text message program running for 6-months and 6-month follow-up phase. Study assessments are all conducted online and on the phone.

Full study details are available at

EOI form available at:

Stephanie Partridge (she/her) | Senior Research Fellow

BSc (Hons I), APD, PhD | NHMRC/ National Heart Foundation Early Career Fellow

Co-chair FMH Early & Mid-Career Sub-committee

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