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The HEA has been invited to participate in the phase 2 pilot program of the Sydney Science Park Schools Challenge.

We need one or two volunteers to champion this project. Ideally, one person would be in Sydney and able to attend in-person events (covid permitting); there is also the possibility to join via video conferencing. You would participate in a workshop alongside teachers and educators from other groups involved in the pilot program. The first workshop is planned for September 7th and will explore ways to create easy to follow learning programs for the Challenge that can be used by educators and students. The program runs in Sydney, but the team at CSIRO are keen to explore ways to facilitate participation from students across Australia. One of the other issues to be explored is how can students from regional and rural locations participate in this project?

It is very exciting to be invited to join in the early stages of project based learning with real world impact. By championing the project for the HEA you will be enabling home educated students to participate in the pilot program early 2022.

Will you be the HEA's SSP Champion?

email to express your interest

The Sydney Science Park CSIRO Urban Living Lab Schools Challenge

The Sydney Science Park CSIRO Urban Living Lab Schools Challenge is an authentic, real Project Based Learning (PBL) project that will have a definite effect on the planning of Sydney Science Park. The Annual Challenge has been designed in collaboration with the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta to enable students to collaborate and develop concepts and innovations for sustainable, resilient, liveable towns and cities using Sydney Science Park as the centrepiece.

Sydney Science Park Celestino is developing Sydney Science Park (SSP), a $5bn mixed-use smart city that will create an internationally recognised epicentre for research, development, commercialisation and innovation in the heart of Western Sydney. Located only 3kms north of the new Western Sydney Airport, SSP will be designed to foster collaboration and innovation.

What is an Urban Living Lab?

In 2017 the CSIRO designated Sydney Science Park as their first Urban Living Lab (SSP-CSIRO ULL). Urban Living Labs provide a ‘safe space’ for collaboration and a testbed for innovation, going beyond business-as-usual and demonstrating the potential of alternative ways of thinking. The SSP ULL will enable significant progression of concepts and innovations that can push the boundaries of urban development to produce cities and towns that are more sustainable, resilient and liveable than currently exists. The areas of focus for the SSP-CSIRO Urban Living Lab include:

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Heat

  • Urban Development

  • Smart Cities

  • Agriculture

Will you be the HEA's SSP Champion?

email to express your interest

CEL0881 Sydney Science Park CSIRO Urban Living Lab Schools Challenge v06
Download PDF • 11.16MB

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