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Financial Capability & Wellbeing Webinar

Join us for a one-hour webinar with Ken Swan from The Wealth Academy

Friday 25th March, 12noon NSW time.

Free for HEA Members

This webinar shares some of the research and global discussion about the correlation between personal financial capability, financial decision-making and health and wellbeing. Ken also shares how financial wellbeing courses and resources can be used by home educators to support their youth-aged children to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to improve their financial capability.

Ken Swan started The Wealth Academy because his own children did not receive a financial education in schooling. Ken has an education background and is passionate about helping young people learn concepts related to personal finance, wealth (superannuation, investment, etc), money management, and behaviours and attitudes that impact financial decisions. Ken's goal is to develop youth financial capability and enhance their future financial wellbeing.

Ken helps parents to guide the financial education of their children.

This is a challenging task because most parents never received a financial education and many parents are very cautious when talking about money. It is almost taboo! Yet, the financial world is increasingly complex and increasingly dangerous. We are living in a world where cash can be accessed instantaneously and debt is a mouse click away. In our society, most teens are not using cash and coins. The 'visible' financial tools and basics are disappearing as finance moves online. Without a financial education, these circumstances will add to your children's future stress impacting their health and wellbeing. They need the basics.

Research shows:

- financial issues are considered the top cause of stress, and have been over the five years the Australian Psychological Society Stress and Wellbeing in Australia survey has been conducted.

- money and mental health are often linked: poor mental health can make managing money harder and worrying about money can make your mental health worse.

- mental health and financial safety are strongly linked

- a 28-year study has shown that money worries are increasingly keeping teenagers awake at night. In fact, financial stress is outweighing fears about the environment and global war financial literacy in Australia is low, particularly so in those under 25 years of age. What might be surprising is that it is low even among university students, and that women living in households under financial pressure are at a greater risk of domestic violence.

Free for HEA Members

$15 for non-members

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