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Shakespeare Anyone?

One of the workshops for the kids at the Brisbane Family Fun Day in June was provided by the QLD Shakespeare Ensemble members Lil & Rebekah. They were fabulous at engaging our multi-age and varied ability group of students in Shakespeare inspired learning and creativity.

"We had such a great time running the workshop, and we hope the kids had just as much fun. It was wonderful to watch some of the shyer kids come out of their shell and join in." ~ Rebekah Schmidt

Feedback from parents and students afterwards was equally enthusiastic - one parent said he had never seen his son get involved as much as he had that day, and one of the boys asked on the way out the door if he could come back again tomorrow!

Following on from the workshop, The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble would like to offer any HEA families the school booking discount for their upcoming production of The Rover by Aphra Behn. Performances will be at the Roma Street Amphitheatre from Aug 19th - Sept 4th. You can find all the info here. To access the discounted booking price, please email Rebekah at

The Ensemble has other resources, workshops and events that could support your home education journey.

  1. Set curriculum workshops and can also customise our material to fit a more specific group, or to focus on particular things like voice or text work. Recommend for a minimum of 10 students. Workshop info -

  2. Shakespeare's' Shorts - These shows are 40 minute versions of some of Shakespeare's most well-loved plays, toured to a whole array of venues. All you need is a space to perform (approx 5m x 5m), and the Ensemble brings along everything else - no tech required.

  3. Macbeth in the Dark - Our radio play of Macbeth, which we produced during lockdown in 2020.

  4. Online Education Resources - A collection of other resources from QSE, and a list of other helpful websites.

The Brisbane Family Funday was so much fun we are doing it again - in Melbourne and then the NSW Central Coast. The HEA is subsiding these events that include workshops for children and parents. Have you booked your tickets yet?

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